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John Taggart  Fine Art Landscape Photography
“I love Fine Art Landscape Photography, it’s a passion with me”
It's a love of nature, of things natural ,a solitary tree, majestic mountains, cascading waterfalls, a still loch or a raging sea storm. When I’m standing surrounded by dramatic light in the grand vista I feel blessed, touched by God so to speak.
 A romantic at heart I believe  because the complexity of Fine Art Landscape Photography holds me in its embrace. The spirituality of these ancient and rugged locations in our natural world leave you with total inspiration. Its an amazing art form full of drama, visual texture that gives an image more dynamic visual impact, it’s a moment in time a beautiful memory and then to record that moment to last for a life time.
Producing stunning Fine Art Landscape Photography onto luxury Gichée Fine Art Paper, framing it and displaying on a clients wall has to be the most rewarding experience, you know you’ve done your job well. A unique piece of art hanging proudly upon the wall, for all to see and admired by family and friends.
Making Fine Art Landscape Photography in Scotland and Ireland has been a big part of my life for quite a while now.  I feel at home in whichever country I’m in. The two ancient lands are separated at their narrowest point by only 19 km (12 miles), Ireland and Scotland have links that go beyond geographic proximity. Since ancient times, they have shared a culture, a shared root and history, a shared native language between them which derives from the Celts who settled in both Ireland and Scotland in times gone by.
Fine Art Irish Landscape Photography
  Fine Art Scottish Landscape Photography
Fine Art Landscape Photography Scotland
Fine Art Landscape Photography Ireland